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The Primordial Sound of Om 136.1Hz (60min)

“Ohm is said to be the original sound of the Universe, from which all other sound emanates. This primordial vibration, with all its beautiful overtones, is the “music of our sphere,” planet earth." —Composer and Author, Marjorie de Muynck

Astronomer and musician Johannes Kepler realized in the seventeenth century that planets have elliptical orbits. This gave basis for the modern calculation of planetary orbits, and the associated musical tones or frequencies.

The Om/Ohm tone is based on the measured frequency of the elliptical orbit of the Earth as it travels around the Sun through 4 seasons. The rhythmic flow of the seasons, lunar cycles, and the pulse of day and night characterize this yearly cycle.

136.10 hz is the numerical representation of the vibrational tone of Ohm. In the Ohm Therapeutics system, 136.1 hz is called Mid Ohm. See Axis of Ohm™ diagram to learn more about the hertz frequencies associated with Ohm and octaves of Ohm.