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Solace 432Hz (60min)

"The incoming breath brings in all the positive things outside me, And permeates the whole nervous system of my body; Like the rays of the morning sun dispelling the darkness, It soothes pain and temporary discomfort.

As I retain the breath, let me sustain, The vital energy of wakefulness and alertness, Enabling me to let go and forgive the past, And to enjoy the fresh manifestation of this bare moment.

My outgoing breath releases all feelings, Of tension, anger, stress, anxiety, and worry; Like the masses of dark clouds suddenly disappearing, Let the adventitious circumstances elapse to dawn a new beginning.

Breathing and observing the bare moments of awareness, Without assuming what it will become, May I live every moment with pristine awareness, Without waiting for an unforeseen future to cultivate it."

~Lama Choedak Rinpoche