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Restoration 396Hz/528Hz (60min)



There are many studies that show music can help boost the immune system and reduce pain. This points to the true power of the mind, the power of the human spirit and our ability to overcome negative situations. I know the state of the world at this moment may be unsettling.

There's uncertainty, speculation and fear. I feel in my core however that we will shine through this, and that begins with something as simple as centering yourself in the present moment. Observing thoughts as they are with no judgement. Becoming that stillness within is powerful medicine, not just for the mind and soul, but for the body as well. We are so much more than what we have been lead to believe.

My philosophy behind the music I create doesn't just involve healing frequencies, it involves the entire song as a whole. The feeling it evokes from within can serve as a powerful healing force. It's meant to reach out to you and dance with your inner being, your natural state of awareness. It's meant to merge your inner and outer worlds into a state of balance and harmony.


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